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Template For complete multi-channel capture ALIGN Tell me more DATA CAPTURE Intelligently and automatically classify, extract, and serve data from multiple channels and in many formats to your back-end solutions. Empowering your workers to make complex, efficient, real-time decisions based on constantly changing information. CASE MANAGEMENT For a 360 view of your customer encounters Tell me more For lean and agile processes OPTIMIZE Tell me more Increase efficiency, performance, and agility in the day to day operations of your business with a business process management suite, LSS guidance, and automate the mundane, tedious, time-consuming, manual work that is hampering productivity with customized automation engines. PROCESS EXCELLENCE PROCESS AUTOMATION For removal of manual and transactional work Tell me more Tell me more For web sales and self servicing NURTURE Tell me more Educate customers, generate positive impressions of your products, provide instant quotes. and streamline the sales and servicing process. Breakdown barriers to fast and efficient communication with personalized omnichannel communications from a single platform. MOBILE & WEB APPS CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE For turning customers into promoters For getting to market faster MODERNIZE Tell me more Enable bottom and top line growth through a unified and interoperable insurance solution suite that enables you to rapidly build, test, and launch new products; provide seamless and intuitive service experiences across the life-cycle; and achieve new levels of efficiency with rich no-code functionality. PRODUCT BUILDER PRODUCT MANAGER For servicing the entire product life-cycle Tell me more ACHIEVE YOUR TRANSFORMATION GOALS WITH STRATEGICALLY CREATED WORK PACKAGES OR SELECT FROM OUR INSURETECH PRODUCT SUITE:

Lucid Chatbot Automate Customer Engagement The ultimate goal of Lucid Chatbot is to reduce the number of calls coming-in to your call center. This is achieved by allowing your customers and insurance agents to get the answers they need to common questions quickly, easily, and without needing to speak to a call center agent. Specifically, Lucid Chatbot has been trained to fulfill requests and answer questions regarding application submissions, claims submissions, policy change requests, inquiries, grievances, and appeals. CAG Compliant Appeals & Grievances Compliant Appeals and Grievances (CAG) is a Software and Compliance as a Service on the cloud delivering improved compliance and boosted quality scores, such as CMS Star ratings; Dramatic increases in operational efficiency and reductions in time to resolution.

By leveraging the power and flexibility of our regulatory and business rules-driven business process management technology, healthcare organizations can automate processes to improve productivity, compliance, quality scores and star ratings, while providing outstanding customer service that will turn unhappy customers and partners into promoters.
Avantis Insurance Agent Mobile Sales App Avantis is a comprehensive insurance sales & customer on-boarding app that runs on any mobile device (typically an iPAD or tablet). It is deployed by insurance carriers to their insurance agents. Avantis allows agents to visually explain the products they are selling; determine the needs of the customer through a needs analysis module; capture the customer's information; generate the required forms; scan mandatory documents using the tablet camera; capture the customer signature directly on the mobile device; and issue the policy. ICE Insurance Configuration Engine You know that your legacy policy administration, claims and billing systems are out-dated, but have largely worked around them with manual processes and one-off technology efforts. Transform your business and leapfrog the competition with improved product and pricing flexibility, speed to market, customer services, and lower costs; With ICE. A low/no code, wizard driven, business rules policy configurator. IPAS Insurance Process Automation Suite The Insurance Process Automation Suite (IPAS) is an end-to-end content, process, and case management platform designed specifically for the needs of modern insurers. With IPAS, you can connect all your front and back-office processes and systems, enabling operational excellence and giving your workers the tools they need to be better each and every day.

IPAS can be a single front-end user interface that seamlessly connects existing workflow, content, CRM, and LOB systems by APIs, integration and microservices. Unlocking innovation in your organization and allowing you to create new business models made possible by a connected digital ecosystem. Allowing you to completely modernize by connecting the systems and apps that you trust with those that will help you scale.
SingleView Get a 360 degree customer view Customer SingleView connects to all your critical enterprise applications and presents a complete and comprehensive view of your customer all in a simple, single view. With SingleView, when customer service agents and branch front-liners receive a customer enquiry, they no longer need to access multiple systems to answer customer questions. Any user in your enterprise who interacts with a customer will immediately, at a glance, know everything they need to know about that customer before interacting with them. XtendCore A hybrid approach to core modernization To avoid high up-front investments and to mitigate the risk of disruption, Insurers are choosing to take a hybrid approach towards modernization by extending the functionality of their legacy core with XtendCore.

With XtendCore, you can externalize important aspects of your core systems that are no longer serving you well; Are too inflexible, difficult to enhance, expensive to update, or not compatible with today’s technologies and digital distribution channels.

UN-MATCHED INSURANCE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Inspire Innovations has a two decade track record a helping transform some of the world’s greatest insurance and healthcare companies into faster, more agile and efficient, better versions of themselves - with over 150 successful large-scale projects architected, designed, developed, implemented, supported and maintained for Fortune 500 clients in over 30 countries. SOME OF OUR INCREDIBLE CLIENTS INCLUDE: 24 Years Enabling Insurance Tranformation

MetLife Fortune 40 For MetLife, Inspire Innovations implements document imaging, mail-room automation, document management, business process management and business analytics solutions covering their New Business, Claims and Customer Services business processes. We then operate a BPM Center of Excellence for MetLife providing daily support, maintenance, administration and optimization services for theses solutions in over a dozen countries around the world. Data Capture Case Management Business Process Management Business Analytics AXA Fortune 16 For AXA Asia Pacific, Inspire Innovations implemented document imaging, mail-room automation, document management, business process management and automated policy printing solutions covering their New Business, Claims and Customer Services business processes. Data Capture Case Management Business Process Management Process Automation Prudential Fortune 50 For Prudential in Latin America, Inspire Innovations professional services supported the rollout of a business process management suite and process analytics solution covering their new business and claims processes. The project resulted in sizable and quantifiable improvements to customer service levels. Business Process Management Business Analytics AIA Fortune 456 For AIA, Inspire Innovations has implemented numerous solutions, including a tightly integrated mail-room automation, document management and business process management solution covering six countries. The total project value was USD $10 million over 5-years. We also provide daily support, maintenance and optimization services for these solutions. Data Capture Case Management Business Process Management Munich RE Fortune 106 Business Process Management Business Analytics For Munich RE in the US, Inspire Innovations implemented a business process management and process analytics solution covering their new business processes. The project resulted in a dramatic reduction in underwriting manpower requirements - an Underwriting FTE cost reduction of nearly 20%. Bank of America Fortune 26 For Bank of America, Inspire Innovations implemented a tightly integrated mail-room automation, document management and business process management solution for their Asia-Pacific Trade Finance Centralization project. The total project value was upwards of USD $5 million. Data Capture Case Management Business Process Management Citibank Fortune 29 For Citibank, Inspire Innovations provides a complete BPM Center of Excellence service which includes advisory, consultancy, architecture, design, development, implementation and support services for their Process Excellence Transformation. Data Capture Case Management Business Process Management Business Analytics

Slide WHO WE ARE Experienced, Energetic, & Passionate For almost 25 years we have supported our clients digital transformation efforts at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can provide value, whether as trusted technology advisors and partners to top management, solution architects for technology leaders, systems integrators for enterprise architects, technology implementers for unit leaders, or as a hands-on coaches for front line end users. For every engagement, we bring the right people together to challenge established mindsets, deliver value and drive digital transformation.

Our people is what sets us apart — experienced, energetic and passionate about supporting and bringing value to our clients. We’re passionate about making a measurable impact in everything we do. Our unique culture and approach deliver lasting results, true to each client’s specific needs and desires. We’ll always do the right thing by our clients, our people and our communities.

We care for Inspire Innovations as if it were our business and we care for your business as if it was our own business. We think and act like business partners, teammates, and friends; not salesmen or academic advisors. We share your aspirations and align our incentives with your objectives — so you know we're in this together.
75% The percentage of our clients who have been with us for over 5 years and still seek our services today 32 The number of countries we have implemented solutions 18 The number of nationalities represented within Inspire Innovations TELL ME MORE NEWS

Slide HAVE US CONTACT YOU INSPIRE: to give rise to new and creative ways to transform oneself

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